Canada is starving?!

People often assume first world countries like Canada don’t understand what starvation looks like compared to other nations. It’s not about comparing though, it’s about helping one another and bringing communities together… I’m extremely grateful to be working with Purolator to raise awareness about Hunger in Canada and we need your help!

Did you know 850,000 Canadians access food banks on a monthly basis and that one-third of them are children?! -Recent HungerCount report

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Let’s Talk Depression…

I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about the things maybe no one is willing to hear so I guess I’m the odd one out… We promote love but lack the ability to be transparent with others at times. Especially, when that love is needed most.

Despite being surrounded by many amazing people in your life, have you ever felt alone, but couldn’t understand why? Have you found yourself crying for no reason? It’s as though everything is fine and suddenly, it strikes like an ache that won’t go away… Continue reading