About Prab


I’m Prab, Welcome to My Ottawa Life!
Did you know My Ottawa Life is Ottawa’s first daily vlogging Instagram account? It has given me a platform to help fulfill my purpose! It started out as an Instagram account after I lost 70 pounds and evolved into a lifestyle and travel blog dedicated to empowerment.
Above all else, My Ottawa Life is about paying it forward, compassion, and kindness.

About Prab

I’m a First Generation Canadian – my parents immigrated from India before I was born. I attended ESL classes and can speak four languages. I teach anxiety workshops and bhangra (Indian folk dance) to promote wellness. My mission as an advocate for mental health is to raise awareness and eliminate stigmas.
I have a profound love for spicy foods and chocolate – YUM! Growing up, I wasn’t much of a cook but losing weight challenged me to get creative in the kitchen especially because I’m vegetarian. I enjoy creating new recipes and recreating my mom’s Indian food recipes.
Join me as I blog about wellness, beauty, fashion, tech, travel, food, and much more. You can also find me on Instagram @myottawalife vlogging about my daily life.

Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned for more content!

Stay blessed