About Prab



Hello beautiful people! I’m Prab, a First Generation Canadian on an amazing journey called life. It’s been difficult yet pleasant (no sugar coating here) and I’m excited to find out what’s next. I’ve managed to lose 70 pounds!

While losing weight, I was inspired to create My Ottawa Life- an Instagram page and now lifestyle blog dedicated to beauty, fashion, travel, wellness, food, and much more. I’m not perfect, that’s why I like to keep it real- what you see, is what you get.

I aspire to inspire by sharing my life’s experiences in hopes of helping others. I love to discuss self-love because I know from personal experience, we can be hard on ourselves. I’m an advocate for mental health and teach anxiety workshops. My favourite thing to do is travel both locally (discover hidden gems) and internationally; I’m on a mission to cross things off my bucket list. I enjoy writing poetry, public speaking, spending time with my family- especially Mr. Tobz (my eight-year-old Shorkie), and discovering new things.

Power of Kindness

Something I live by is paying it forward and the power of kindness because the way you treat others is a reflection of YOU. Something my father taught me is to never let the actions of others change who you are. I’m not trying to create a quotes page but what I’m saying is to do good and love all; most importantly, don’t expect anything in return.

Currently, I’m on an entrepreneurial journey and working in marketing. I enjoy learning about business and tech and I’m extremely passionate about fashion and beauty- especially traditional wear. I like reviewing products and reading reviews because as a consumer, I want to know what worked, and what didn’t. I’m a nature lover and can’t seem to get enough of experiencing the great outdoors.

Thank you so much for joining me and stay tuned for more content!

I’m sending Y’all so much love and good vibes.

Stay blessed