Runway or Everyday, Strut Your Stuff – Let’s Talk Fashion

There will always be fashion crazes and trends because of the demand. For me, fashion is all about creativity, expression, and incorporating bits and pieces of trends in my day-to-day style. If you’re heading over from my Instagram or are curious about Sunday’s OOTD, I’m discussing details and how I got ready in 20 mins!

What I Wore:


Sunday, I wore a simple yet elegant salwar suit. The blouse as you can see from images is a scoop neck which helps to elongate the neck. The material feels luxurious, super soft, and the printed fabric adds a nice touch with floral designs. Since the suit was sewn, I have lost some weight- I would alter it for next time! Lastly, I think the rhinestones add a certain je ne sais quoi.


Dupatta design

I love the simplicity of the dupatta! It’s lightweight and compliments the blouse. You can also pair this dupatta with a simple blouse because of the floral design. I love mixing and matching dupattas with other suits.


I opted for a salwar when making this suit because I love the overall look of it. This would also look nice with a pajami (legging) because of the length of the blouse. Though the salwar may look heavy, it’s actually light as a feather.


heelsWhile I love stylish footwear, I’m not a fan of feeling uncomfortable and ending up with blisters. I paired this suit with cute heels from Call It Spring. I opted for the nude peep-toe, lace-up heels because they’re easy to walk in and they balance out the blue suit. Though these heels are no longer available, I would also pair it with the Aerracia heel because they’re classy, great for fall, and the heel isn’t too high.

Over the summer I bought many shades including these Rihanna inspired sunglasses. I decided to add an edgy touch to my look by pairing it with glasses from Aldo. I believe they’re no longer available but Aldo has many other options – it’s great if you tend to lose or break your sunglasses as they’re inexpensive to replace.

Hair & Makeup

If you’re busy and constantly on the go, I hear ya! I achieved this look in 20 minutes here’s how:


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a selfie on my camera, but here’s the Snapchat version just to give you an idea of the hair and makeup!

I had curled my hair the previous night to go out which made it easier to style it on Sunday morning. I simply braided my hair to one side and added some mousse. I used Marc Anthony Strictly Curls – Extra Hold Styling Foam it doesn’t leave a white residue and it doesn’t leave my hair looking crunchy as some mousses tend to.


It used to take me hours to get ready but I’ve learned to simplify the look. I’m not much of a full-coverage kind of gal because I like my skin to look as natural as possible. I either skip foundation and concealer altogether or opt for one or the other.

For Sunday’s look, I used concealer only under my eyes and powdered the rest of my face. I added eyeshadow in my crease, liner, and highlight on the inner tear duct. I lightly filled in my brows and finished with mascara and lipgloss!

Usually, I like to add blush, bronzer, and highlight but I didn’t have the time so I opted out.

Voila – it’s that simple!

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing this. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through fashion, everyone has a different style- it’s all about rocking it! If you’d like to see more of an in-depth makeup look and products I use, let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Stay blessed <3


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    • It makes life so much easier and I can go three days max before I need to wash my hair. Ps if you find your hair overall looks fine but the roots looks greasy- dry shampoo works wonders!

  1. Prab you are so incredible, I am so proud of you sharing and documenting your life, you’re truly an astonishing being

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