Spontaneous Travel Diaries Day 1

Have you ever felt spontaneous? I think it’s the best word to describe what I did… Prior to booking my flight, I was in dire need of downtime because life was super hectic. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a last minute getaway to Italy. It was on my bucket list since middle school and here’s what happened when I got there:

Landed in Rome wearing winter clothes

First Impressions

Immediately after landing in Rome I felt hot because I left Canada wearing a thick sweater dress, two pairs of leggings (because one clearly wasn’t enough), thick socks, and warm boots –  I’m sure you get the picture… I was very lucky because the weather was beautiful; apparently, during this time of year, it’s always raining and cold.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed besides the warm weather was mother nature after exiting the airport – there were beautiful trees all along the highway.

Temple of Hercules Victor

During the drive to downtown Rome, I had a glance at older buildings dating back to hundreds of years and was reminded of why I wanted to visit Rome since middle school. Everything was different compared to Ottawa, it was like experiencing a new world!

The first hotel in Rome was absolutely stunning, spacious, and located in the heart of downtown. It was within walking distance of everything iconic (let me know if y’all would like hotel reviews and recommendations because I’m all about that).

Oh Yeah!

Immediately after checking into the hotel, I wanted to explore Rome – jetlag didn’t matter. See I’m a foodie at heart so I wanted to try the infamous pizza and pasta as well as the much raved about coffee, fresh pastries, and gelato. I grabbed a map that the hotel concierge provided and wandered off into the beautiful city of Rome. I became familiar with the streets and people were very friendly. I discovered many places and checked a lot of things off my bucket list.

Stay tuned for the next blog post if you’d like to know what happened next (there are some funny moments) and cool places to check out in Rome! In the meantime, feel free to check out the previous blog post about wellness and coping techniques.

Scenic views along the highway in Rome

Thanks for joining me,

xo Prab xo